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Truck racks not only improve the carrying capacity of your truck, they can look pretty awesome also.  Whether you are a independent contractor and you need to carry dimensional lumber, or manage a commercial fleet of trucks and transport materials requiring long-term heavy duty use in commercial applications, Rack-It® Truck Racks have you covered.

And unlike many of the companies that manufacture truck racks, Rack-It® Truck Racks are proudly built in the USA.

Advanced Northwest Welding is proud to be an authorized dealer for Rack-It®.  Give us a call today to find the right truck rack for your truck.

Fully Welded Truck Racks

Is it time for a new truck rack? Do you need a rack that is stiff, has minimal flex, and but will still enhance the look of your truck?

Are you looking for a very strong truck rack?

Look no further than Rack-it's® fully welded truck racks. These racks are designed to be strong and stable, and provide a versatile and efficient solution for your material handling needs.

For maximum strength, these racks are constructed as one-piece and fully-welded.  

Benefits of a fully-welded truck rack are:

  • Custom built for your trucks specific make and model for a better fit and look.
  • Strong schedule 10 steel pipe construction, with a 0.120-inch thick wall, which in our opinion, is the strongest and most durable steel used to manufacture truck racks.
  • Full-length formed angle iron mounting provides significant structural support and helps distribute weight evenly on your truck's bedrail which means you can carry loads safely.
  • Easier loading of taller loads into the rear bed because of a removable rear bar equipped with quick release "D-Clip" pins
  • Lots of rope hooks for quick and easy tie downs
  • Steel welded gussets at the cross bars and overhead bars provide structural strength and integrity allowing you to carry loads safely and peace of mind
  • Utility doesn't mean ugly. The unique "candy cane" loop design at the rear provides style to your rack!
  • Don't want to drill into your truck? No problem.  A no drill mounting option is availble using Rack-It's® Mega Clamp accessory
  • These racks come standard finished with an industrial-grade gloss black enamel finish. Powder coat option available for most applications.

Watch the video below for more information about these great fully welded truck racks.

Modular Truck Racks

For strength and ultimate functionality. Rack-it's® Modular Standard Rack provides a rack system that can be shipped anywhere. Whether you are hauling a couple ladders, a load of lumber, or your canoe or kayak to the river, the Modular Standard Rack is your one-stop solution.

Rack-It® uses a heavy duty schedule 10 steel pipe construction, which is the strongest and most durable material used for constructing truck racks.

This modular truck rack is built to last.

And there are details that come standard such as full-length formed angle iron mounting, removable rear bar equipped with quick release "D-Clip" pins allows flexibility handling for taller loads, rope hooks for quick and easy tie downs, gussets at the cross bars and overhand provide maximum structural integrity, no drill mounting, and each rack is finished with an industrial-grade textured black powder coat finish.

Whether you have a full-size, mid-size, or compact truck, Rack-It® has a modular truck rack for you.

And each truck rack is packaged securely in a one box system, includes all hardware to assemble the rack, and shipped directly to you.

Contact Advanced Northwest Welding, LLC  today and get a custom quote for your truck.

Heavy Duty Service or Utility Body Square Tube Rack

Rack-It® has been custom building heavy duty racks for years for a select group of folks who manage commercial trucks.  These square tube racks fit service bodies, utility bodies, flatbeds, contractor truck bodies and much more.

These heavy duty racks are designed for long-term use in commercial applications.

Most of these commercial grade racks also include Rack-It's® unique forklift-loadable design, which means materials are easily loaded with their unique "drop-side" design that allows for easy side loading with a fork lift.

If you have need of this kind of heavy duty rack for your fleet, contact Advanced Northwest Welding, LLC  today and we will be glad to give you a custom quote.

For a fit and strength that can't be beat, these heavy duty truck racks are the way to go. Watch the video below for more information on how using these heavy duty square tube racks for your utility fleet can save you time and money.

Headache Racks and Headboards

Headache racks, also known as truck cab racks, protect the rear window of your truck from loading materials into your truck, or from shifting cargo.  It does this by fully framing the cab and covering the glass.

Headache racks are practical. And they can be very stylish and really add a nice look to your truck.

Features of Rack-It's® headache truck racks are:

  • Schedule 10 steel pipe construction
  • Rope hooks allow for quick and easy tie-downs
  • Mini applications mount on 10" bed rails
  • Full-size applications mount on 16" bed rails
  • Durable powder coat finish 

We don't recommend that you do any serious carrying of loads with a headache rack, because remember, the purpose of a headache rack is to protect the cab of your truck from shifting loads.

If you need to carry a couple of boards of lumber, or lash down your kayak, then fine.  But if you think you might need to carry some serious loads, then you should consider one of the welded or modular custom fit truck racks.

Watch the video below for all the varieties of headache racks available through Advanced Northwest Welding.

Rack-It® makes both custom and universal fit Headache Racks.

If you have a truck, and you need to protect the back cab glass window, we can find the right Headache Rack for your vehicle. Just contact Advanced Northwest Welding, LLC  today.

Authorized Dealer for Rack-It Truck Racks

Remember, we are an authorized dealer and installer of Rack-It® truck racks and accessories.  Order it from us, and let us help install it for you.

Call today and order with confidence from a company you can trust - Advanced Northwest Welding .

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